Our Solutions


From cutting-edge Information Technology products and services for Federal Government agencies to innovative management tools that allow clients to optimize their workflow. RSS offers a full suite of sophisticated solutions that help clients achieve their goals and mission for their company. Our expert staff combines knowledgeable experience with the latest industry certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP), DITSCAP / NIST 800 - 53, and CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), meaning you can rest assured of having the right team of trained and experienced professionals behind every single initiative.  The RSS team is fully prepared to assist our clients at every step of the way; whether in-house or on a contract basis, our skilled personnel are qualified and ready to ensure seamless performance of your organization and its systems throughout their entire life cycle.

Our solutions enable our clients to achieve established performance objectives, secure timely delivery of requirements, and ultimately complete highly intensive, mission critical assignments. Our wide-ranging portfolio of flexible, custom-designed B2G services encompasses an extent in-depth of operating areas, from network design, engineering, and administration, to information security and access control, program management and support, portfolio and asset optimization, and disaster recovery and contingency planning. With RSS as their trusted partner, clients can plan better, work faster and minimize their operating costs.

Our extensive experience in background analysis and credentialing allows us to perform critical research and security checks swiftly with total accuracy. We adopt meticulous investigative services to assure your organization hires only the appropriate personnel with the proven track records and validated credentials needed to executive all your mission critical assignments.

We are passionate about what we do and firmly believe in doing it well. RSS was founded on the philosophy that people are the crucial ingredient in any successful business. Our client relationships have been developed and strengthened over long periods of time thanks to our state-of-the-art solutions that carefully consider individual client requirements.

Our highly skilled and meticulous staff identifies the right solution for you by effectively evaluating the available alternatives for any project or mission and selecting only the very best options that harmonize technical performance with cost, schedule, risk, and system growth potential. Our leading-edge solutions are grouped into the following sub-sections in which RSS can maximize your organization’s performance:




Quality Control and Assurance

Our quality control section is responsible for ensuring the contractual requirements with respect to the established standards of performance are achieved.  They provide a critical link from the field program managers to the corporate headquarters and provide oversight of the management process to ensure the level of quality of each contract deliverable is achieved.  This includes both technical aspects of general contract management, i.e. invoicing, cost control, travel, etc, as well as the specific functional aspects of the contract, i.e. performing the deliverable tasks required on a specific contract.